1-February, 2017

  • Kentucky State University (KSU) has launched its data-rich talent management software suite Taleo implemented by Addvantum Inc. with support from Oracle.
  • Taleo software will allow the University to more efficiently recruit, develop and retain its highly skilled employees.
  • This interactive software, which includes the recruitment marketing and employee referral programs, is state-of-the-art and puts KSU on par with the most innovative organizations around the world.
  • Previously, candidates would email their resumes, and staff would manually match their qualifications with vacant positions – one email at a time. Taleo’s Candidate Management system will allow the office to develop concise interview questions and efficiently identify the top 5 percent of candidates.
  • Kentucky State University researched and reviewed numerous software systems. Taleo was selected because it most adequately addressed the needs of the university and places us among ‘best practice’ institutions.

1-January, 2016


  • Applications can be submitted in English or Arabic.
  • Applicants can fill and save their application progressively in multiple sessions and submit when complete.
  • Applicants are required to upload all application materials via the Online Admission Application form. The attachments loaded by applicants are stored in the database and are available to DI Admissions office. Examples of attachments are:
    • Identification document
    • Undergraduate transcripts
    • Graduation certificate or diploma for graduates

    Any other attachments can easily be configured by DI and loaded by applicants

  • Applicants can request references online via the Online Admission Application form.
  • Referees receive the reference request automatically and are able to fill out the reference form online.
  • Applicants are able to check the status of their references online and can remind the referee or create a new reference request even after submission of the application.

1-September, 2015


  • Located in Madina, Saudi Arabia, Al Bayan Colleges offers more than thirteen different bachelors academic programs in the faculties’ Engineering, Computer, General & Continuous Education and Business with more than thousand students. Launched in 2014, Al Bayan Colleges inducted its first batch of students in 2014. In an effort to fully automate its enterprise operations, Al Bayan selected Oracle Solution with Addvantum as a preferred vendor for implementation.
  • Al Bayan Colleges have three major components in the scope including Oracle PS Campus as higher education solution, EBS as ERP Solution for companywide automation of finance, human resource and supply chain management processes, and Oracle Web Center for their content management requirements.
  • While other implementations are in the final stages, their campus solution successfully goes live on 10-Sep-2015. The online admissions application fully integrated with Campus and is being used for accepting applications via internet without any downtime. More than 600 applications were have been received so far this year, while the same application was also used last year when more than 700 applicants applied for admission using this online application.
  • The implementation challenges have been change in Al Bayan’s management, processes, and scope keeps creeping in the project, but Addvantum‘s team successfully completed the PS Campus implementation despite all the challenges.

11-August, 2015


  • Addvantum recently completed the phase 3 of KASU project in which Oracle PeopleSoft Customer Relation Management (CRM) and Student Information Analytics (Business Intelligence) were implemented. These add-ons enabled the university management across all campuses to have deeper insights on event management and complaint handling along with the analysis/trends of student demographics and their overall academic progress. The systems are also enabled for 24x mobile based access using a verity of portable devices (both Andriod and IOS based).
  • King Saud Bin Abdul Aziz University for Health Sciences (KSAU-HS) was established as a center of excellence for medical education in Saudi Arabia in 2005. KSAU-HS has a number of licensing agreements to develop its academic programs with prestigious universities worldwide.
  • The University currently has around 3000 students, 4769 undergraduate and 103 postgraduate programs. Looking at the scope of project and client preferences, Addvantum team decided to roll out the project in three phases. In first phase online student information application was implemented. In second phase the core campus was implemented and tested while in third phase BI and SIA will be implemented.

15-July, 2015


  • The Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI) is an independent institute for learning and research established by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS).
  • Located in West Bay, Doha, Qatar, DI has established faculties of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Public Administration.
  • DI developed comprehensive IT strategy for its enterprise IT requirement and as a part of its roll-out it was looking for fully integrated enterprise applications. Their main requirements were Academic Centric information management system (SIS), HR, procurement and financial system.
  • DI selected Oracle solution to fulfill the problems at hand that closely match their requirements. Addvantum, being the preferred vendor of Oracle, was selected after competitive bidding and won the project in May 2015.
  • Our international team started project roll-out in June 2015. Addvantum will not only be implementing PeopleSoft Campus and E-Business suite (Core HR, Inventory, Purchase, Financials , iProcurment) but will also implement online admission application, UniTime scheduling system and with several reports and integrations at DI.

2-December, 2014


  • NGHA is a medical complex in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It consists of medical cities that are scattered in many regions of Saudi Arabia
  • NGHA was looking to replace the current ILM 2007 Enterprise with an identity management system
  • Addvantum is looking to implement a rapid implementation approach which encompasses the best benefits of project implementation experience, Oracle‘s Unified Method tools, Industry Best Practices and our consultant knowledge base
  • The Oracle Unified Method (OUM) is Oracle‘s standards-based method that enables the entire Enterprise Information Technology (IT) lifecycle. OUM provides an implementation approach that is rapid, broadly adaptive, and business-focused. OUM includes a comprehensive project and program management framework and materials to support Oracle‘s growing focus on enterprise-level IT strategy, architecture, and governance
  • Addvantum is also looking to develop and maintain enterprise architecture activities for development and maintenance of enterprise level IT strategy, architecture and governance
  • The project is expected to go live in within 86 days of award

3-September, 2014

Addvantum, a Gold Partner of the Oracle PartnerNetwork, has started the implementation of Oracle’s PeopleSoft Human Capital Management at the Habib University: Liberal Arts & Sciences, Karachi,Pakistan.


  • Habib University is a liberal arts & sciences university, offering interdisciplinary education in science, engineering, arts, humanities and social sciences
  • Addvantum, a leading global consulting and IT Services Company, is a leading partner for Oracle Campus Solutions with a proven track record of university implementations worldwide
  • It has chosen Addvantum to integrate its existing PeopleSoft Campus Solutions with Oracle's PeopleSoft Human Capital Management to architect a global foundation for HR data and improved business processes

15-July, 2014

Addvantum has been awarded a contract for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions by Punjab Vocational Training Council via UNICEF.


  • Punjab Vocational Training Council (PVTC) is an autonomous corporate body established by the Punjab Government through the PVTC Act of 1998. Its mission is to alleviate poverty through Muslim charity (Zakat) and private sector participation by imparting demand driven skill training and enhancing employability for disadvantaged youth
  • There are a total of 173 branches of PVTC across Punjab. These branches would be able to access a centrally managed system deployed by Addvantum
  • This implementation entails two types of solutions: Academic Solutions and Back-Office Solutions
  • Under Academic Solutions, only Student Administration is being provided
  • Back-office Solutions include modules for Oracle E-Business Suite Financials, Oracle Inventory Management, Oracle Procurement, and Oracle HR and Payroll

8-April, 2014


  • Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) is a premier private sector university in Pakistan
  • LUMS implemented PeopleSoft Campus Solutions as the system to take care of their higher education business needs on an end-to-end basis. The implementation was carried out in 2008 and it was the first such endeavor in the country. As is true for most first time attempts, the implementation was not perfect and some modules, such as Student Financials, were not implemented. In order to address core financial needs, LUMS also implemented SAP Financials and put into place a bespoke online admissions system
  • As the usage of the system grew, LUMS realized that they needed to upgrade and revamp the system and put into effect those modules that had not been implemented. The institution also faced in-house capacity issues as far as day to day maintenance and support of the system were concerned
  • In this context, LUMS floated an RFP that sought vendor support for the following:
    • On-going support for the existing implementation of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions
    • Up gradation of PeopleSoft to the latest version/patch
    • Implementation of the Student Financials Module
    • Integration between PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and SAP Financials
    • Integration between PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and their existing Admissions system
    • Integration between PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and UniTime Scheduling Solution
  • Addvantum was selected as the vendor of choice to carry out all of the above on the basis of its strength of local presence and acknowledged expertise in the area of PeopleSoft Suite of products in general and PeopleSoft Campus Solutions in particular
  • As of now, Addvantum has successfully implemented all of the above mentioned enhancements and is now engaged with LUMS in a number of new initiatives that consist of enhancements, support and additional developments. These are:
    • Audit of the existing Academic Structure in the current PeopleSoft Campus Solutions implementation
    • Configuring Advisement for all LUMS’ 50 distinct academic streams
    • Development of the Hostel Management System
    • Development/Re-vamping of the Grader, a bespoke system integrated with Campus Solutions
    • Other small enhancements and extensions, such as the Graduate Audit Form implementation

Addvantum looks forward to continuing its excellent professional relationship with a prestigious client like LUMS.

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